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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 6, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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yesterday it was 62 and we are starting off with partly cloudy skies and if you are picking up a few he temperatures, there is a good breeze, 18-mile-per- hour, 16, san jose almost 10- mile-per-hour and it will be a breezy windy day, and it looks like isolated snow showers and it is rapidly on the way to the south but not before it spins a few clouds afternoon sun at least upper 60s for some and just plane mid-60 -- main mid- -- plain mid-60s, here is sal.
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880 westbound from the carquinez bridge to the mcarthur maze, just if you are driving now and if you are going to be watching this does go up and this is a look at the westbound bay bridge and less than minutes across the span. if you are driving in the south bay, traffic is looking pretty good on 101 and 280 and then we look at the east bay, traffic report on 880 looks good but as we mentioned, these drive times are looking good, 580, a little bit of a work out, let's go back to the desk. happening today, the political fate of sonoma county supervisor is being decided
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today. tara, the calls for him to resign are getting louder. >> that's right, you know he may have been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing but now he must face the court of wrongdoing, he was doing that while wearing nothing but socks and underwear. >> reporter: they say the charges against him were serious and that he should step down. last night third district supervisor zane called his actions horrendous. after getting dropped off by his girlfriend, he took off most of his clothes, grabbed a few beers and walked over to his neighbor's apartment while she slept and put his hand through her screen. she said i think a man who sees
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a woman as an object has to here about it. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. well a warning for dog owners in san francisco after the discovery of more meatballs which may have been poisoned. in the sunset district wash some of the meatballs were found and here is more on how neighbors are reacting to this news. a lot of the dog owners are certainly on edge and they are trying to keep a close eye on what their pets pick up while they are walking. that is well across the street at the intersection of or take -- ortega where somebody found a plate of suspicious looking meatballs. police have selected them and
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it a period to have some type of pills lodged inside of them. suspicious meatballs have been found across the city and if you remember a dog in the twin peeks area got sick and had to be rushed to the vet after eating a meatball that somebody left behind. dog owners are looking out for each other. >> another dog walker warned me this morning. it is just horrible, i still have to worry. >> reporter: dog owners are laced with strict nine and they are investigating what is going on and there is still a $5,000 reward on the table for any
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information that can help solve this case. we are live this morning in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now as alex mentioned, potentially tainted meatballs, back in july, one dog died after eating one, chris line drive and meatballs were also found in february, that same month and similar ones were found in the richmond district. there is a missing family member daphne web committed suicide in his oakland home. web was considered a person of interest in the disappearance of his daughter. little daphne has been missing for ten months and fbi has been searching for her ever since.
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the suicide of john web now leaves a gaping hole in this investigation. >> it is like time stopped. what, you are kidding and my first question, did he even know to say anything about daphne, no. he did not. he was briefly jailed after leaving the little girl in his car with his 77-year-old mother who has dementia. the toddler was reported missing on july 10th and the next day they arrested her father on suspicious of child felony charges and no charges were filed and he was released. they used the wrong
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chemical to use preliminary released. pros cures will have only a limited a fund and it is being tested right now. drivers use that app to show where their car is parked and other drivers looking then bid on those parking spaces. the owner of a parked car can accept any bid and then waits for the bidder to show up and moves into the parking spot. >> there are under 5 under thousand spaces. parking is intern family league
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for building parking spots. >> and software on all phones could be back in front of lawmakers this week. it came up short one vote when it was introduced a week ago but on thursday, the senator will reintroduce the legislation to require cell phone companies to put a killswitch on cell phones to make them inoperable when they are stolen. in oakland, it is as high as 75%. the obama administration is releasing a massive report on climate change emphasizing how global warming is dealing with daily lives. 300 climate scientists contributed to that report. they say average temperatures, deep ending the crisis and that will fuel even more severe
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wildfires. >> it is a lot we can do to manage it. >> in this new report, scientists say changes over the next few decades are inevitable because of what humans have done to the environment. bill martin is in washington d.c. for the release of that report. he is among a handful selected to talk about this new report face to face, he is the only one here in the bay area. it is happening at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00. it will run until 11:00 p.m. and microsoft retail stores along santana road. it also helped throughout the day at some of the following locations on your screen and some of the proceeds will
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benefit nonprofit organizations. all right, pam, time is now 5:09 and it is stunned about the death of two men going this normal townhouse. he helped to save the life of a woman he didn't even know. highway 4 coming up to the pass, we will tell you more about this and the contra costa county when we come back . isolated showers are wrapping around and we will take a look at those and see some cool forecasted highs today.
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. welcome back, it is now 5:13 and the wreckage of that plane is now in the hands of federal investigators. besides the plane they are also examining debris left on the runway and on the crash site itself. anybody with information is being asked to turn it over and the crash happened yesterday during an air show and a veteran pilot was killed. san jose police want to talk to that boy who stowed away in the wheel well.
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he is now back in the hands of child protective services. they want to know how he made it through and stowed away. he said he was trying to get to somalia to see his mother. they are on the run and should be considered dangerous. they almost caught her last week but they say she escaped by trying to run them over with her car. >> i think she was desperate to get away and she would do anything at any cost to get away. >> detectives say mitchell has hidden out in luxury hotels and had her victims pay all of her expenses. they say she is under so many
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bay area surprises. plane carried in morgan hill, a counterprotest was held and demonstrationings come in 2010 when some students wore t- shirts on cinco demio and they were told to wear them inside out. and council meetings can begin with a prayer. they found it was ceremonial and is not aimed at he can pleading and it was wrong to set people through prayers. many opened their sections with prayer. 5:15 a candidate is
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apologizing after using an image on a nazi death camp. mike wells sent out a campaign and jewish people say it is from the concentration camp. >> it is a stone brick building, that is not fresno and that's something that nobody much wants to see again. >> wells has apologized and has no idea how that photo ended up in his campaign materials. he is being credited with saving a woman's life. he got out of the car, performed c pr and stayed with her until police arrived.
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the woman is expected to survive and there is a debate now helped a man having a seizure. >> that is amazing. let's get everybody out the door. >> how is 880? >> it looks all right, right now dave, pam, traffic is looking good in both directions, and i have been doing this for a long time and earlier and earlier people are out there. that traffic is okay at the toll plaza about an 8 minute drive time into san francisco and let's look at these drive times highway 24 from pleasant hill to the caldecott. it is an 8 minute drive to thornton and fremont and
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westbound 1580 to grand line road to the 580 interchange in 26 minutes. >> sal, i concur. you can get up with the bird. >> we have a little bit of light showers, some areas are calm and there is going to be a got a breeze and it is chilly although it will clear in san shows. it is right over livermore and breezy to windy not yet, oakland will be partly cloudy, 54, and 59 and 56 for a high under mostly sunny skies and it is already one right now. watch how it clips parts of antioch and discovery bay and
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most of it is gone out towards the big valley and it looks likes that area but i doubt much is there. 40s and 50s on your temperatures and if it was not for the breeze, we would be much cooler than this. there is a chill in the air and not much am going on, they will be whip of the locations as the low heads towards central sierra and and las vegas. 45 ukiah and that's cool for this time of year and there will be one more clipping us on thursday and over the next three days, even though it will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy, it will be windy and cool for most some park park
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skies, 68 and sonoma 71, brentwood oakland 73. upper 70s and lower 60s brentwood. saratoga, los gatos, san jose, kind of a cool pattern here. 60s on the coach, in the city, and also on the peninsular, everybody is close here, not much change and it is out of here and sunshine and warmer temperatures are now paying more than $14 billion for merck and that will give bear more over the counter health projects. and copper tonend -- and sun block and they are working on
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prescription drugs. the u.s. department of justice is close to reaching a settlement. they are accused of helping wealthy americans and now they are close to entering a fine and the banks is not comb mening at my time and they are some of the best restaurants in the country. also beauty projects that are dangerous for your health and what stores are doing and the steps they are taking to get them off of the store shelves. you can either have high-end or low-price. or you can go to t.j.maxx and you can have it all for up to 50% off department store prices. t.j. maxx. most people don't know how to choose a new dentist. that's where we come in.
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. welcome back. the search goes on after the recovery efforts, a man was killed and he was later found unconscious under water. more than 100 divers are looking for the remains, any signs of the missing passengers. 38 people are still unaccounted for. 26 eight people were killed when the ferry boat capsized last month. many companies have agreed to stop selling shampoos that contain a certain ingredient which holds foam in other
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shampoos. they say it is also known to cause cancer and the new legal agreement is affective in california but consumers across the country will also benefit. >> if they are going to change their product for california, they will change their product line completely so what gets sold in other states will be what gets sold in california. >> they say they are working with 100 other companies to get them to stop selling them. cocoa is in bubble bath, shower gels and body scrubs. now we have a full list of products that contain coke immediate d.a. -- cocoa meade d.a. it is last known to smoke
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marijuana and they spend 23,000 dollars picking up the trash left behind, last year it spent 15,000 and the police spent about 44,000 in overtime last year and it cost muni 36,000 for additional fair inspectors as well as parking and enforcement officers. well the couple you are about to meet can add another joint birthday party to their social calendar and here is the reason why a pair of twin sisters gave birth on the same day. the doctors offered to induce them on the same day since they were within days of each other. so they wanted to be there for each other's deliveries like they were for their sons. it turned out they gave birth on the same day anyway within a
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couple of hours of each other . and it would change the way many would look. how it could raise cash and why some people are not happy about it. and live in san jose police need your help, you will hear from the victim how the accident changed her life. we are still looking at a commute which is filling in, in many areas. nice approaches on the richmond bridge and boy, that sunset will be nice, right, steve? >> yes, it's going to be windy in between and a couple of hours, we will take a close look at them.
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at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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. good morning, welcome back, these are live pictures in san jose where police are serving for a hit-and-run driver who severely injured a young mother. stay tuned and you will hear how that accident change add woman's life. i am dave clark. >> it is now 5:30, steve paulson, very windy. >> it is going to be for some. no doubt about it. did somebody cue them up, because we are almost there.
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my friend is like that. and we have cloudy skies and a few sprinkles, not a lot, it is all associated with this low and it is on its way to the central sierra. the breeze will kick in behind it, and 49 in san jose, 67 for a high, these are below average temperatures and i just think there there is too much in place for gold eye and stockton and it went by really quick, we didn't see much but there are a few sprinkles and it looks like it is falling apart. some of those clouds did produce a few sprinkles and a half moon bay, we are going 49 at 7:00 and 50 at fso, gusts at 25 and higher elevations, the
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low and as we head out, a few showers in the morning, there are a lot of 60s and lower 70s, here is sal. traffic is not all that bad as a matter of fact traffic is okay with no major problems and if you are driving on interstate 880, traffic here does look pretty good as you drive through with no major problems and i have been looking at the drive times and traffic is moving with the paying berger exit, and we are looking at the 8 minute drive, 508 is still kicking up a little bit to the 680
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interchange about a 31 minute drive and that's getting worse and worse and we started off at about 20 minutes and this is a look at the bay bridge toll place toll plaza, now let's go back to the desk. san jose police are searching, they injured a young mother riding her bike. here is more on how this mother is doing, bamberry cross and this is where a young mother was hit out of nowhere by a car while she was riding her bicycle and this has drastically changed her life. let's go to a picture of what 26-year-old hand tee jones -- of what she looked like before the accident and this is how
5:34 am
she looks now. she suffered a fractured skull and the movement on the left side of her face is limited and she can barely smile anymore. she hardly can more her lift she was working for the unified san jose school district. a job she can't do now. >> you know, i was really excited with my new job and right now i have to stay home. i can't work, i can't do anything by myself. >> reporter: jones does not remember much from the accident and a police report was filed and there is little information on the suspect or the car,
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police want anybody who has information will help them. jones was not wearing a bicycle helmet at the time of the accident and hopes others learn from her mistake. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. san jose police are investigating the deaths of two men found inside of a up to house. police rushed to the home yesterday afternoon. one told ktvu channel 2 news she heard two sets of gunshots, but at first she thought she was hearing fireworks. neighbors say it is a bizarre thing. >> it's really odd and this is a quiet neighborhood, very quiet. >> at this point, police will
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not say whether the deaths are considered a murder/suicide and the investigation continues. a disturbing discovery, meatballs have been found once again by dog walkers this time in the sunset district and alex savage has more on how the dog walkers are reported found them here near the sunset reservior and it was a plate filled with meatballs and she told police about it and we are hear on 24 24th avenue and/or take go. -- and ortega. they are keeping an eye on for more meat and those meatballs appeared to have them logged
5:37 am
inside and a dog in the twin peeks area got sick and had to be taken to the vet after eating a meatball that was left behind. now people are looking out for one another after this scary find. >> i think it's very sick, very sad, it is an innocent dog, he has nothing to do with this. why would anybody want to hurt. >> dog owners have been nerves since last -- norwich of they have toous since last summer. we will be talking to people who are out walking their pets and we'll see if they will be changing their habits after the
5:38 am
latest meatball scare, live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is from the latest location in the twin peeks neighborhood and meatballs were also found in the twin peaks neighborhood in february and they were also found on laplace and fulton streets. they are rallying outside city hall to call for changes in the animal shelter. they plan to take part in the protest and they say shelter animals are being treated inhumanely and are sometimes euthanized without cause. they have been without a director for years. >> they say it has been caused
5:39 am
they got a call about a man repeatedly stabbing himself and he ran a red light on fulton road and hit two cars. that man was taken to the hospital with major injuries mainly from the stab wounds. people in the other cars suffered minor injuries. well it was a quiet night for police, as sing cinco demio were out, they did have 60 officers on the street throughout the weekend and from friday to sunday they did arrest 44 people and gave out 63 63 citations, this was the group when people jumped on a city bus and took over santa clara street but no injuries were reported. san francisco's muni board
5:40 am
may decide to double the amount of buses that are covered in advertisements. they may have an idea and now the wrapped adds say it is a good way to raise money for muni. if it is approved as many as 30 buses could be used at any single time. well it has been three years since the san francisco restaurant has been ranked third best in the country. the prize comes from the foundation and the slanted door suffers, and they won the award
5:41 am
for best chef. >> we like that. >> yes, a mix apt the santa clara crime will be a, a miss take. part of the area can be sit shuts down, and the actions are still hard to face. we are taking a look at northbound 101, that traffic looks good and we will tell you more about what it looks like from the east bay. i have painted you an outstanding look, take a look at your screen, a few showers are womaning up, and we will take a look, coming up.
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. time now 5:43 you are looking at the reasons some are driving between california and las vegas, this is major. that bridge fire you are looking at started yesterday afternoon and 6 hours later it's still burning, you can see the flames. it shut down in the area and the freeways are the maine connector now it may be closed for days and they ignited the bridges of wooden supports it has been under construction since early last year. he was shot and killed by dublin police last night. officers said they were forced to shoot 18-year-old oscar
5:45 am
herrera after he hit an officer with a baseball bat. we are now learning he was involved in a bizarre incident the night before that deadly shooting. >> he got into a fight with his friend and it appeared he might have been under the influence of methamphetamine or something else. he was actually threatening to eat his friend. >> herrera was not placed on a psychiatric hold because he had not threatened to harm himself. he did threaten police custody. kelly carter shortly after being released and got into an argument inside of her caster valley home. but her account is different
5:46 am
from the alameda sheriff's office. >> i said sir, please, my husband is back there done do nothing to them. he put his handcuffs on me right away. >> she was in handcuffs and while she was handcuffed, and the officer's attentions were focused on the other two, she was actively kicking the officers. >> one punched the deputy in the face forcing him to have reconstructive surgery and the other was put into a choke hold but was not seriously hurt. they are taking a closer look at life in law enforcement and it starts with a police academy and when it came time to run up a steep hill not
5:47 am
once, but twice, he threw in the towel and he was not the only one to underestimate the academy. >> we have 84 and we are seven days in. >> frank also talked with inmates at the jail, and that's a place where many will start their careers once they make it through at academy. there is a trek with breaking in my opinion and for the most part, the average stay is 45 days. tip tis -- deputies say even though they are outnumbered talking them down usually works better than force. it is a place they rarely get to go, inside of an autopsy room. you can find more behind the
5:48 am
scenes and it is all on ktvu channel 2 news. >> i have not seen that yet. let's see what haditha sal is saying. >> it is busy, we don't have any major things going on. certainly things are going on and let's take a look at what we have there, we are looking at westbound 80 as you come up from the carquinez and the mcarthur maze. as you can see, it has been holding steady and strong for the last few minutes and sometimes after 6:00 is when we saw this change and you can still things have been more crowded it but not quite yet. this is a look at the bang bridge and metering lights,
5:49 am
they usually go on the over the next 10 minutes and they will go on at the bay bridge toll plaza. they are beginning to get slow traffic as you drive through and you can see some of the red right here on northbound 101 so give yourself extra time and consider using 85 instead which looks good all the way up into sunnyvale. let's go to steve. thank you sir, mostly clear to the west, mostly cloudy to the east, high pressure and it looks like it is just going to bring us cool temperatures partly cloudy in the morning, there is definitely a bite to the morning air, breast i windy and really no big sign much a warmup until the weekend. cool clouds a few showers and i
5:50 am
am doing that to cover myself and breezy to windy, and that will pick up towards southern nevada and san francisco starting off, 52, one better than yesterday and right there you can sell, it towards bethel avenue and maybe around the pass you might pick up a few sprinkles. a little chilly and 16-mile-per- hour to the west at fso and northwest generally will be the direction will go south and we'll see it in the northerly direction and a few showers are zipping fast right down it looks like some areas to the
5:51 am
east and it will pick up cloud activity and the cool air is in place but it will be tough to modify. afternoon sun, a few showers to the east and we have a few light sprinkles, not too much but 60s and 70s and another day of pillow average temperatures and we are struggling to get above 70s but alameda, mid-60s saratoga and menlo park 68 and then clouding it up, more sunshine and some warmer temperatures. general motors are offering a special deal for faulty ignition switches. gm said they will give employee pricing if they want to buy a new car. the auto maker is not saying
5:52 am
how much they want to buy in addition to the lower based price. the super duty f series would slip into reverse and no injuries have been reported. a major fundraising effort, the 24 hour drive which hopes to raise millions to local non- profits. also an unbelievable story of a pilot, what he did after the impact and the improbable connection he has to that house.
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. he held them at gunpoint while he grabbed their jewelry and other valuables. police describe him in his early 20s about 5 feet seven inches tall. the day before when one of the victims saw him sitting on a
5:56 am
patio chair outside the front door, they realized it was him, if you have any information call police. they kidnapped unenslaved 300 nigerian school girls and is making even more threats. he said the girls kidnapped three weeks ago will stay slaves. they will be sold into marriage because girls according to him should not be educated. now he is threatening to kidnap more girls and threatening more schools. the protesters wore traditional head wraps joined solidarity with the people affected. another rally is due to start in just a couple of hours from now in washington d.c. the white house said president barack obama is getting daily briefings and he is in contact
5:57 am
with the nigerian government. he once lived in the home he crashed into. it happened in the town of north globe. he was flying with an advertising banner when he started having mechanical problems and at first he didn't know he actually lived in that home until he sold it in 2003. the pilot was not seriously hurt. >> he has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing but calls for the sonoma county supervisor efren carrillo must step down. we will talk about the future of efren carrillo. and in san jose, who wants to talk to that teenage boy who flew to hawaii in the wheel well of a plane. traffic is moving along relatively well in most parts
5:58 am
including the sunole grade when things begin to change and we are watching it for you. and no doubt about it, temperatures on the cool side, is there any rain with this, i take a closer look and see your forecasted highs.
5:59 am
6:00 am
. sonoma county supervisor efren carrillo faces the court of public opinion we will tell you what happened. a mother is severally injured after a hit-and-run and you will hear how the victim's life has now changed. the case of a toddler missing for ten months, the official death leaves a gaping hole in the investigation. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us, i am pam cook. >> let's wake up, the sky looks beautiful. >> we have a picture of the sky. i am putting him on


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